Find People

Equation Staffing strives on solving our clients’ problems. Simply stated, we take the stress out of staffing. Whether it’s finding the right person for a full-time leadership role, or placing a temporary employee when the works piles up – filling a position can be grueling for candidates and employers alike. We will find the right solution to ease this process for you — by taking on the heavy lifting and leaving you to focus on your other organizational demands.

The team at Equation Staffing will spend the time to learn and internalize your specific needs and challenges then position your opportunity to the best candidates available. We will not just send you resumes because they have correct key words with the hope that something sticks. We will refine our talent search, screen those candidates thoroughly, and present you with the people that truly fit. With our solutions you will spend less time with the tedious task of reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates.

Call or email us today to find out how easy it is to get started finding the right talent for your organization.

In order to succeed, you need employees who are not only talented, but also driven by the same vision and core values that propel your business forward.